Welcome to Our Practice

Cosmetic Dentist Mukilteo, WA - Jennifer Voke, DDS

Welcome to a new and very different type of dental or facial esthetics experience. As you walk through the door at Total Facial Esthetics you may pause to make sure you are at the right place. We do not resemble a typical dental office or medical esthetics spa in any way.

Total Facial Esthetics is not only different because of the unique interior design. We focus not only on the overall health and beauty of your teeth, but also the health and beauty of your skin, face, and smile. We only see one patient at a time and give them our full attention at every visit. This is the place where you will be treated as if you are the only patient that matters.

A great smile is an important part of a beautiful face, but it’s not the only component. With the dentist working side by side with the medical esthetician we are able to synergistically treat and prevent all of your oral health and skin health concerns. 

Our medical esthetician, Lindsey Pierce has 9 years of experience and previously worked with a respected plastic surgeon in Kirkland, WA. When that doctor moved to Beverly Hills I recruited Lindsey to partner with me to start "Total Facial Esthetics". Lindsey has an amazing ability to treat, heal, and correct aging skin. She is genuinely nice, honest, and very personable. She is my personal esthetician, and my go-to person for the front office, back office, and everything in between. Lindsey and I help our patients put their best possible face forward.

Lindsey and I go out of our way to explain and educate patients during our new patient consultations. I perform all aspects of general and cosmetic dentistry as well as inject Botox and Dermal fillers. I am highly skilled at esthetic recontouring of natural teeth. This is much less invasive than porcelain restorations, and it is often the perfect solution for a beautiful smile. Lindsey performs customized medical grade chemical peels and facials, dermal planing, microdermabrasion.

She is an expert in Obagi skin care.  She prides herself on her ability to perfectly shape eyebrows. She can even correct brows which have lost their way. Lindsey and I strive to be the best at what we do since we are the only ones who can do what we do.